Provocative unfiltered insights on intriguing topics. Join us in exploring the controversial unspoken and questioning the mainstream norm unto the very fabric of reality itself.

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About Us

We are a controversial information blog that aims to challenge conventional thinking. Through live streams, articles, podcasts, and more, we spark discussions on a wide range of interesting subjects. This blog is dedicated to the sovereign exercise of free thought and the ultimate result and impact of my personal utilization of such. This blogcast is my personal daily catalog of random thoughts, venue of creative ideas and avenue of artistic expression and intellectual documentation. I discuss my likes, dislikes, interests and lifestyle daily here. This blog also questions ANY and EVERYTHING I once thought I knew and understood historically from accepted historical data, science, technology, anthropology, geology, mainstream media, entertainment and social analytics as relative to what I now believe to be an overall purposely constructed reality META-SCRIPT of said reality as we know it. This blogcast pulls little to no punches as its solely my opinion based on continual research and observation.

DISCLAIMER If something I write or say in literary documentation, audio broadcast stream or video broadcast presentation offends or disrespects anyone in any way in the process of this blogcast my apologies sincerely as its completely unintentional and not my objective. I apologize again but truth is sometimes an ugly process by which many become collateral damage along the way.