AOTOLL Random Questions and Answers Submission 1

12/23/20231 min read

(Random Submitted Question)

(Q)🤨- How am I supposed to know someone’s feelings are truly hurt and why didn’t they say something?

(A)😒- Just because someone doesn’t say anything about something that troubles them doesn’t mean they’re not currently affected with hurt or embarrassment by it. Sometimes the person that’s hurting is more concerned with sparing the feelings of the ones hurting them because they themselves are embarrassed for one. And secondly they care for the ones hurting them. Yet those looking on who should know seem to not notice, merely brush it off or don’t necessarily care anyway. My advice is continue acting like it doesn’t really doesn’t bother you but remove yourself from the potentiality of future embarrassment. Your now responsible for whatever you allow to continue to happen to you from that point. Hope this issues a bit of clarity✌🏾