Artistically Appetizing Health Conscious Consumption

12/23/20231 min read

Occasionally eating healthier is one thing but taking on a healthier lifestyle can be a lot easier said than done. We see advertising for fast food all day long. The lure of a cheeseburger or some other greasy ass artery clogging creation is an everyday meal selection for most of us. This is only because mainstream advertising made it convenient and trendy to market cheap low quality foods to the populace. Everything or just about everything you see is either bigger or so-called better because they’ve added more unhealthy shit to the fiasco.

No I’m not a strict vegan or stark vegetarian but I recently made a few drastic changes to my everyday consumption. First off I make a point of consuming at least a gallon of water throughout the day. Yes I know that sounds like a lot or cliche-ish yet it’s mandatory if you want your organs to continue functioning past next week. The way I reprogrammed myself was by making the food presentation a beautifully colorful arrangement of raw fruits and veggies.

Eating like this changes everything. I actually feel different when I consume raw fruits and vegetables water. My body responds better with less chance of digestive issues. These days I’m consuming less of the processed artificial drive thru quick meals and more raw fruits and vegetables. Cost efficiency is definitely better with a greater product selection and flavorful combinations. Caring about yourself begins with what you put in yourself.🥗🥬