Becoming Successful The Journey To Accumulative Wealth

12/23/20233 min read

When many think of success the first thing that comes to mind is the financial aspects or monetary gains, though success encompasses a lot more. True success is your ability to move from one point to another by your own accord. For example that starting point could be a place of destitution and poverty both emotional and economic. Or that place could be be a state of depression or uneasiness over circumstances garnering situations in your life. Your ability to first recognize them then educate yourself and navigate beyond the once psychologically and emotionally afflicting situations is a form of success. It’s a triumph of will. Before we can even think about monetary or financial gains we first must master ourselves through controlling and changing many of the habits that we once erroneously thought helped make us whom we are. I find this to be one of if not THE biggest hindrances to real progression in life. Mastering the will through a discipline of concentrated effort in seeing and achieving the eventual end game is the objective. The habits we pick up or develop over the years are usually result of personal coping mechanisms for life’s sometimes overwhelming effects. What must be realized though is that things that effect us are not necessarily a part of us until we grant them special permissions. Then and only then do they become a part of the fabric of our everyday emotional wardrobe.We always tell everyone to be an individual or do your own thing. But nobody seems to add the part where doing your own thing is a product of observation of others doing such. Individuality is sometimes deceptive a social construct where one believes that just because they are doing something different it automatically makes it or them better than those following a prepared social strategy. Prepared social strategies are employed and utilized daily. They are our educational systems, our schools, our jobs and places of leisure. They are also our decisions to alter or break away from the previously mentioned to try something different. The same way we got ourselves INTO these life stagnating habits, we must walk ourselves backwards out of them by retracing our steps to find the problem points and correcting them. One sure fire way is to closely observe others who are in the types of positions and experiencing lifestyles we wish to have and take notes. What you’ll find is that there’s a mutual thread of disciplined practices that are shared regardless of industry, gender, religion, race, age, social demographic and so forth. Those practices translate into daily rituals or successful habits. Basically everybody who’s doing better than you in life are doing similar shit on some level.How you perceive the world is exactly how it will reflect and refract it’s circumstances upon you. If you look at things pessimistically from a victims perspective then you’ll only know the vantage point of a victim. The moment you stop accepting victimization both self imposed and sociological then you’ll move forward. This is done by adopting healthier rituals thus edifying your existence. It’s a psyche game navigating nuances. Don’t dwell on where you are at the moment. Envision and place yourself where you eventually plan to be. Find similarities and copy what they did. Come out of your comfort zones or you’ll never know or experience your full potential. Change of just these basic things can impact your life for the better dramatically.

1.) Consume healthier foods/diet lifestyle (fruits/veggies/water/fasting/sleep)

2.) Read more complex info and study subjects foreign to you

3.) Exercise to some degree regularly (walking/stretching)

4.) Avoid drama and bullshit irritating ass people

5.) Spend quality time alone getting to know yourself

6.) Be capable of being loved and reciprocating such

7.) Master your talents working on them daily

8.) Learn economics personal finance investing

9.) Work with a purpose and goal oriented mentality