Childish Adulthood Or Full Grown Toddler Tribulations

12/23/20232 min read

As we work our way across the proverbial social landscape of society. I can’t help but notice disturbing similarities in negative key aspects of social mentality in both men and women. Both are caught up in a social ‘War Of The Roses’ so to speak. Both are victims of lack of emotional nurturing. The same type of emotional nurturing that our loving progenitors or mothers give us naturally from birth. The same supportive nurturing protective loving kindness that our fathers are supposed to provide as well. But that’s not always the case. Not saying that men fall short alone. Just saying that there are serious developmental issues emotionally in today’s adults.

There was once a time when men and women knew their emotional responsibilities to one another and dealt with issues from a stance of maturity accordingly. We knew that at a certain age or specific growth point level of maturity, what we were no longer willing to put up with. Your mind sheds it’s baby teeth and welcomes a new adult smile so to speak. No longer interested in dealing with things that conflict with happiness and inner peace. It’s like your mind just one day says “Fuck all the previous bullshit. It’s time for something new!”. Then we begin to think, operate and move in a manner more conducive to securing peace of mind.

The problem with this new found peace of mind and personal emotional security is that it’s not something that happens naturally anymore. The natural process of maturity has been purposely stagnated, stifled and rerouted backwards into the chaos of immaturity. Men and women alike are nowadays more likely to seek revenge for broken hearts than amicably split peacefully. Even physically harm one another over any level of disagreement, and sadly teach this same mentality to their children through first hand example. I blame the parents most definitely as these children are direct products of yourself. Yet the education and religious systems aren’t system exempt from contributing to the social and emotional delinquency of the current generation. Many school’s curriculum is vastly outdated and racist to say the least. Not to mention sexist, chauvinist and deficient of any real emotional sustenance. So what real chance does one have to successfully enter into maturity absent emotionally stagnating bullshit? Not much..

Fast forward to adulthood where now we find the same miseducated children who are now adults becoming parents themselves, passing their developmental trauma on to their children. These are the same adults now parents who never received proper emotional nurturing or guidance themselves trying to impart what they were never given to their own children. The dysfunctional saga continues..