Consumption Of Dead Animals

12/23/20231 min read

Humans especially African origin are not designed to consume meat and in turn a lifetime of eating it has poisoned and shortened our lifespan. Vegetation heals and brings you back to your original circadian rhythm and biological health. Plants hold the scientific keys to life and health. Everything significant to mankind is historically comparatively linked to plant life. Consuming dead carcasses has made us host to deadly diseases sickening viruses and a various weird parasites.

ALL MEAT HAS WORMS/PARASITES🍗🍖🐛🐉. And they burrow into your stomach digestive system causing CANCER DIABETES HYPERTENSION STROKES HEART ATTACKS making their way to your brain and live with you for a lifetime making you sick even causing dementia. 1/3 of your stool isn’t even YOURS. It’s the parasite worms in your body from the meat taking a shit inside of you poisoning your system. I’d rather eat better and put forth better effort than continue watching people die from their dysfunctional dietary choices. Speaking from personal experience