Defining Cupcakes or Gullible Ass So-Called Men

12/23/20234 min read

I know the title and subject matter of this particular blog will upset a few people but they’ll either get over it or get more upset. Either way I’ll be laughing at the responses because this subject has been a long time coming. Now it’s no secret that both men and women in their long tradition of sometimes dysfunctional relationships have a history of deceit, cheating or as some would say ‘playing games’ with one another’s emotions or hearts. With this not being the case for everybody still it happens enough that it’s historically become a biased social stigma primarily attributed to men, though women commit the same and even worse offenses at times. Not all women yet enough to make mention.
Okay now that we’ve set the introduction let’s delve into the topic at hand by first giving a working definition to the term: CUPCAKING. Cupcake is a man that under the guise of so-called looking out for the emotional health and sanctity of women or helping them to better understand men, dry snitch the same kind of reverse psychological bullshit that the women are getting from deceptive men already. It’s a form of submissive warfare where these dry snitching so-called male gurus of women’s sanctity reveal or make up information that appeals to women’s insecurities. Example is we all know that one guy that’s always sliding in or making attempts to do so whenever a problem is perceived or recognized to be occurring between a couple. That “Aww you don’t deserve to be treated like that Girl” ass dude with all the answers. But just so happens that all the so-called answers are everything negative against men or information he’s acquired either from second hand sources or shit he’s doing/done himself. See my problem isn’t rooted in misogynistic beliefs or being against helping women. Not at all. I’m an advocate for empowering women. I post to various social media platforms daily about empowering and educating our daughters, wives, best friends and every other woman that holds place in our hearts dearly. But what these cupcakes do is a totally different thing altogether. These are the guys who create video post to social media calling out men on all our faults like he’s not a man himself. Causing me to question more than his manhood here. I question his loyalty to his own personal male friends and family. Do you tell on your friends? When is it ever okay to dry snitch? An old ‘take the witness stand and testify against your good friend’ ass dude. These are the guys who make up and fabricate emotionally intricate overblown detailed accounts of men’s wrongdoings towards women so themselves can look like love gurus or the perfect guy.
NO REAL MAN.. should be on a damn blog or video post trying to out other men for wrongdoings against women that he has no connection to personally. Even if he did have a connection to the women, unless it’s your daughter or mother it’s not your place to interfere. That’s right I didn’t mention your sisters, cousins or nieces because it’s those grown ass women’s duty to peep enough game from the experience of life itself to know better and learn from what they go through without your interference. Women have girlfriends, mothers, aunts, cousins and a list of other feminine references they can access to learn about their roles and strategies in dealing with men throughout their lives without the cupcakes further tainting situations with fake concern. The concern is fake because the goal is the same as the so-called deceptive men. THE GOAL IS TO GET SOME PUSSY. Just like the so-called no good ass nigga or dog ass man she’s having problems with. These are the dudes that call out other men while hiding a harvest of skeletons like he’s been cultivating a secret cemetery for years. The same dude has most likely had an equal amount if not way more women than the men he’s criticizing. You don’t volunteer damaging information to a woman or women against men in general. Now this is an unsaid rule not only among men but women and anyone else in society sharing similar experiences and being of the same grouping. This social media cupcaking shit is a new dangerous trend that threatens to make the sacred masculine art and oath of men minding their own damn business a long lost tradition. We’er seeing the growth and acceptance of a new breed of bitch-made men on the scene refereeing other people’s relationships and situations from a dry snitching podcast or video blog. This is not acceptable behavior nor manly for that matter. It’s reminiscent of what little girls did on the playground as children. They told on the boys especially their brothers. Hence these grown ass bitch-made men are the new grown ass sassy little girls telling on everybody, truth or not.
In closing I’d just like to say that everywhere historically on the Earth and nowhere noted in known cultures has dry snitching, back biting or signifying of any kind against your fellow MAN been an accepted practice. And as long as women allow themselves to admonish, seek out and place these weak low caliber men on a pedestal then expect to continue getting played and left with a wet ass. This time though by the fake so-called love guru aka ‘Captain Save Em’. I call it the Steve Harvey Effect. You do all YOUR dirt to multiple women then flip on other men possibly guilty of the same offense and disguise it under the guise of helping women hence: THINK LIKE A MAN ACT LIKE A WOMAN. Ladies your best defense is a greater offense of feminine advice from other lady peers as well as more learned women and your own personal experiences. Stop allowing slick ass suckers to cupcake into your panties.