Digital Diet Dereliction or Online Consumption Conundrum

12/23/20231 min read

With everything that occurs in the news nowadays its safe to say that those of us in the know, knew this uprise in virtual bullying was coming with the advent of the smartphone leveling the field for everybody even derelicts to influence. Crazier thing is that our entire existence was acclimated into this virtual world almost naturally overnight and ain’t no going back. Keep questioning everything and working your ideas into your art. Art even in its everyday fashion is as I believe the crux of the secret code of symbolism in society. And possibly the secret to regaining our sovereign mind’s clear perception. Thoughts become real things so refocus on something more important in your life for awhile so disagreeable thoughts don’t materialize out of dealing with digital derelicts. They need our attention more than anything else. It’s currency in this virtual world so careful how with whom and where you spend it. Once we learn to not only focus but safeguard our attention from online nonsense, we’ll have unlocked a key to an even deeper psychologically emotional situation.