Has Women’s Empowerment Been Morally Undermined By Pop Culture?

12/23/20233 min read

Within the last three decades there’s been a growing moral focus on the emotional sexual and psychological mistreatment, self degradation and longtime cultural exploitation of women in society yet especially in popular culture. And just when not only women but especially ‘women of color’ were beginning to make more than notable accomplishments in equality, achievements spiritually, exceptional strides economically and working socially towards putting some respect back on their names. Here comes pop culture like the biblical Serpent or Devil to beguile and run slick game on the minds of women especially here in America. Then the rest of the world through social media.

There’s an old saying that.. “The greatest trick that the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that (he/SHE) doesn’t exist”. I agree wholeheartedly as our ‘devils and demons’ are merely our lower nature energies or insecurities. In other words ‘anything’ that potentially compromises your well being, opposes your common sense or decimates you emotionally can be figuratively labeled as such. With this being said, there’s a growing oversexualized pseudo feminist movement of what I would like to affectionately call ‘Boss Hoes’. These are women who emotionally circumvent deeper possibly traumatic issues in their lives with a new form of socially acceptable prostitution as therapeutic entrepreneurialism. And as pop culture becomes the leading influence on society even surpassing religion and school, its easier to bypass any semblance of self respect for monetary aspirations. Even at the expense of their very sanity and sometimes lives.

With previous information in tow, let’s take a look a not only who but what and how this all breaks down respectively. Pop culture has always had a way of making shit taste like sugar to the masses. Megan Thee Stallion, The Kardashians, Amber Rose, City Girls, Suki Hana, Trina, Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, Bhad Baby and Cardi B to name a few. Nearly every song by the aforementioned artists especially mainstream promoted across every popular public platform is about women using prostitution, drugs, violence and illicit sexual acts to define what makes them whom they are. Many are mothers, yet none talk about motherhood, family responsibility or accountability in their so-called art. Many are now lucrative business owners yet none talk about entrepreneurialism in their so-called art. Many are in relationships, yet upon closer inspection we find that these liaisons are merely temporary immature pseudo hookups that change annually and never ever lead to a successful marriage. No long-term responsible family based relationships. Just a bunch of career party girls, amateur strippers, cam girls, part-time prostitutes, small time criminals and everyday hood hoes allowed political acclimation into a lifetime movement none of which truly gives a damn about. I mean honestly, how do women actually give credulity to Cardi B. A woman who admitted not only in her music repeatedly but on social media livestream that she used to deceive, drug and allow her transgender friends to rape unconscious male victims. Then extort them for money so the situations (attacks) does not go public. Yet this same lewd, highly influential woman with millions of active social media followers is now a key figure in not only women’s empowerment but American politics with a focus on influencing politics of the Presidency of the United States!?

In 2020 women’s empowerment is fast becoming whatever makes money void any and all self respect, care for public reputation or concern for other people or family. Degeneration and prostitution is celebrated as aspects of womanhood now according to pop culture and every social media outlets algorithm. Hard sad reality yet one that ONLY WOMEN can change. An old proverb states that.. “A nation can rise no higher than its women.” Meaning that since SHE is the pivotal being in everyone’s life, as we all came through women. We have to place more accountability on ourselves especially in the current climate. One of my deepest regrets and source of most sincere human empathy is knowing that men like myself and others in our journey to maturity have contributed to creating this problem. We’ve emotionally abused, psychologically abandoned and physically traumatized you. Yet we (men) are products of you in every way. It it’s what it is. My sincerest apologies Ladies..