Making Yourself The Example or Genuine Article For Growth & Scrutiny

12/24/20232 min read

You can read ten thousand books, watch months of tutorial content and talk with respected peers for hours. Yet remain in the exact same place and condition as always because knowing is only half the battle. Some people pride themselves with being educated after spending a lengthy segment of their younger lives at universities, colleges and trade academies, only to wind up merely just "smart on paper" with no real intellectual substance or grasp on common sense for that matter. Nowadays attending college is considered almost mandatory in many households. You complete a decade and a half of public or private school from preschool through high school hopefully graduating and with honors. You then decide on a career path apply for qualifying positions and things don't go accordingly. A sense of imminent failure looms emotionally pervasive as the stress of struggling with depression through your current situation drags you deeper into despair.

Is all lost? NO. You're never stuck in any situation until you relinquish all drive, ambition and desire to succeed your current circumstances. Regardless of socioeconomic status, impoverished violent neighborhoods, abuse, toxic relationships and the emotional imbalance of growing up in single family environments, especially for young boys lacking masculine fatherly guidance. All the aforementioned circumstances are typically the usual suspects in our demise one way or another. But like many others who've not only survived these conditions but moved on in life to thrive abundantly regardless. It's more about what you truly want and how far your really willing to go to achieve that goal. Some just aren't willing to put forth much or nearly enough effort to even scratch the surface of their current condition. Odd as it sounds I believe it's supposed to be that way.

Just as we need honorable examples of successful people thriving in our communities. Strangely enough we also need several opposing examples of systematic failures in our communities as well. It's the balance of life and the only real way to measure your growth. Growth is measured by progressive changes in ones habits and overall perception. If you never experienced seeing peers or others in similar conditional situations overcome their environmental vices to move up socially and economically thrive. You may never develop the heart to do the same. Now if you only exclusively witnessed dilapidation, impoverishment, drug abuse, sexual misconduct, violence and peers satisfied with underachieving. Then it's no mystery nor surprise when you fall into socially degenerative behavior as an environmental survival mechanism.

Your gonna be an example of something regardless. Now what you become an example of is completely up to you based upon decisions surrounding your current level of psychological and spiritual perception. Nothing is off the table concerning career. It's about how much energy and economic resources your willing to invest in what your growing to become. Whether it's adult entertainment, quantum physics, sports, education, politician, podcast host, blogger or personal finance advisor. The key is to practice unto perfection then reinvent whatever it is with your newfound level of confidence and expertise. This is how you glitch the environmental systematic matrix. Fire-walling the original corrupted operating system while reprogramming yourself progressively habitually. This is how I made myself the example. You can as well.