Melanated (Black) Love Is Revolutionary

12/23/20232 min read

Who you love is just as if not more important in many ways as how you love. I believe that our dating practices are a form of mild social warfare. First we must define warfare. Warfare is the psychological and tactical sparring of opposing forces prior to actual physical violence perpetrated against one another. You see war is being waged on multiple levels at all times against the black community. By the time it’s erupted into actual violence, the seeming aggressed upon (usually us) has already lost warfare. Okay now how does this relate to interracial relationships and black love? Well first let’s make an observation on relationships from a racial perspective. It was less than 60 years ago that interracial especially black/white relationships were illegal in many parts of the United States. Yet with the social explosion of cable tv, pop culture, the internet and worldwide acceptance of pirating our traditions through popular culture. We’ve successfully diluted what was left of our proud cultural traditions and customs nearly completely out of practice. It’s now nearly unpopular to date another black person nowadays. Success is now measured in many aspects of the black community by dating/marrying anybody OTHER than another black person. It’s seen popularized by pop culture. And in many cases our own psychologically damaged elders wishing for mixed babies with ‘good hair’ (a finer straighter genetically recessive grade) or more European features as a way to genetically and emotionally escape their black features. Now let me define the revolutionary aspects of BLACK LOVE. To challenge the status quo and go against the popular grain is paramount in setting a strong example of freedom. Freedom? Yes freedom. Contrary to popular belief it’s the average person who aggressively supports this mild socialism. Real freedom is when you can date another person of your own race without guilt or scrutiny of the status quo. So to challenge and successfully beat the stat quo of dysfunctional black on black relationships is a revolution in itself. Black children need to see as well as be apart of healthy functional thriving black relationships. I’m the product and son of a successfully married black couple from a large black family full of diverse customs and traditions. When we interface or interact with one another our fusiform activates and an instant relating is established on a chemical level.