Mentality Accountability Responsibility & Personal Development

12/23/20231 min read

Everything we go through in life and our responses to said situations becomes pivotal aspects of our overall personality make up. Each expression of love, traumatic experience, joyful celebration or kind gesture becomes an emotional marker along life’s journey. These emotional checkpoints are often revisited several times throughout our lives sometimes on perpetual repeat due to recurring situations from failure to properly fix or remove ourselves from such altogether. Many remain in troubling situations due to lack of self esteem from longtime emotional damage and abuse. Some will even self sabotage seemingly good situations because they don’t know how to accept certain forms of love respectfully. They disrespect the entire situation almost by default as “hurt people hurt other people”. Our mentality is partly developed by our responses to experiences. Another part of it is developed by our psychological diet or what we consume daily through media, peers, social interactions and relationships. The healthier the mental diet, the healthier the mentality. Listen to music and podcast that promote positive messages and emotional growth. Watch programs that inspire deeper overall observation. Be open to wise counsel from those more experienced remembering that one of our objectives is to reach a level of understanding that frees us from the lure and temptation of potentially bad situations cloaked under the guise of false love and entertainment. Realizing that often we find ourselves by proxy in many situations due to their relativity. We should always scan our social peripheral for similar nouns: people, places & things that we’ve either engaged previously or for new ones that cause us to revisit uncomfortable points in our lives. Never be afraid to recognize and reject what’s not good for you. Always gravitate towards improvements. It’s YOUR LIFE.