Power Of Perspective Where Everything Is A Lesson

12/23/20233 min read

I'm sure by now you’ve gone through at least several emotionally turbulent life situations that have taken you to the brink of insanity. Your not alone nor crazy. Your normal. Most of us encounter at least several personal situations annually that challenge our ability to keep cool or make sound decisions at that moment. Like I said previously, your not alone. I can best sum up this blog as not just a personal account but a life lesson on the power of perspective.

I can recall being broke, sick, homeless, depressed and alone. Sounds sad and appears hopeless at first glance until you switch the perspective. Being broke sounds like a situation that nobody would want to experience if possible. I mean who would desire to be completely below, matter of fact at the bottom of even poverty’s economic standards? Nobody in their right mind of course. At least not on purpose. Unless you develop the ability to perceive the unfortunate situation and preceding circumstances as prequel to powerful life lessons and new opportunities. Even in sickness I had to redefine my debilitating circumstances as my body informing me of imminent danger. Careful not to be consumed by fear of the unknown I took it as a warning to change my dietary habits and lifestyle. Being homeless and battling depression in addition to the other situations was probably the hardest to swallow at the time. Honestly even I considered suicide several times. My entire outlook was completely jaded by emotional darkness depression and constant pain both emotional and physical.

How did I escape without losing my sanity and or life in the process? As cliche’ as it sounds.. I simply let go. Not letting go in the sense of not caring. I decided to let go of the worry that was fueling my depression. The same worry that held me emotionally stagnant. The same worry that was causing my physical sickness. I had to change my way of thinking pronto or you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog. You might be reading my eulogy. I had to convince myself that my then current circumstances and situation didn’t define me nor my character. I began looking for the so-called ‘bright’ side of things. I stopped complaining about what I didn’t have and worked with what I did. I convinced myself that I was serving a short sentence like in jail and upon my release I was getting a new lease on life itself. Sounds kinda corny at first until you truly understand human psychology. The mind possesses the organic ability to safeguard, heal and reprogram not just the body but the mind itself. As everything begins in the mind and ends up in our physical world. Our thoughts become actual physical imprints and concepts in this reality, including sickness and healing. “As we thinketh so shall we become..” to paraphrase a popular Biblical reference to programming ones reality. It’s a well known conceptualized fact that you have to first convince yourself of anything before further action will even be considered let alone feasible.

They say your not really crazy if you talk to yourself. Yet if you answer yourself holding complete conversations ending in debates, rebuttals and final solutions your a nut. I say who better to talk me out or into doing anything than myself? Because as the popular cliche’ goes.. “at the end of the day” regardless of how many books, blogs, meditations, lectures, tutorials and related content you consume daily in an effort to find something in yourself to better yourself. You’ll only truly begin ‘finding’ things when you change your perspective or psychological lens that influences your view of the world. Talk to yourself. Try looking at specific things and aspects of life that you once held at reproach in new observation with intent to learn and understand them. And what you can’t understand, you’ll leave be until your more informed. That’s actually tapping into a higher developmental more spiritual aspect of growth. And that’s merely one lesson in many