Self Sabotaging Peer Endorsement

12/23/20231 min read

Some of y’all feel the need to hold onto, donate free shit to or constantly make amends trying to reconnect with people around you who do and did you dirty over and over benefiting you nothing. Not me! Weakest shit you can do in my eyes is constantly forgive someone who did you dirty then give their ass free charitable shit or several opportunities to figuratively fuck you over and over again. That’s your low cognizant lack of self esteem and personal insecurity that has your Stockholm Syndrome having ass celebrating your enemies victories over you with them. If we’re not cool now we never will be again. I don’t make up or make amends just to find myself back in an comfortable situation to be fucked over again. I simply make better friends of mutual interests to replace faulty weak links. This is wealth healthy mind state vs poverty poor acceptances. Everybody ain’t supposed to have access to you especially those who once had it and disrespected the love. If you keep allowing thieves and liars access to you, you’ll always have the stress of living with less than deserved or expected while watching over your shoulder trying to figure out when the next snake bite will occur. But that’s just ME