System Work Not Goals & The People Who Utilize Them

12/23/20232 min read

Systems Work. People Fail. Ants, bees and birds can teach us how to cope with a complex world. These ancient creatures make complex decisions without a leader or management of any kind following simple rules:
1) Seek a diversity of opinions, 2) Encourage a free competition among ideas, and 3) Use an effective mechanism to narrow choices (voting system/process of elimination).
These simple rules can be applied to the human decision making model to give any group a powerful tool for making the best decision and avoiding conflict. These rules have been successfully applied to a new computer based system for trucking, airlines routing and robot intelligence. The Chinese business model has no CEO; it combines decentralized decision making in favor of local planning.
Young children who do not know each other, will talk to each other and play together, usually avoiding conflict. As we get older, we gather in groups, clicks, gangs, political parties or religious sects; a form of self segregation that blocks out updating information. We make very bad decisions when we block out diverse opinions and information.

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