The Natural Vagina Monologue

12/23/20231 min read

Ok I think it’s kinda ass weird for adult men to preference completely clean shaven vagina on adult women all the time as pubic hair grows as a sign of maturity. You can trim it for hygiene and appearance but clean shaven as majority consensus comes off as mildly perverted socialism. Popular media has lulled society into a overly sexed, passive aggressive fantasy that most people could probably care less about yet is consensus to many people around you. Maybe I’m just the nemesis of their brand of weird. Either way I’m merely speaking candidly on this social trend. Cleanliness and hygiene is one thing. But this pervasive obsession with ‘bald pussy’ goes beyond fashion and hygiene deeper into ancient religious cult practices. But that’s another deeper rabbit hole we’ll explore another time. Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I’m not as enthusiastic as others for the immature pussy look.
Or maybe I’m just a freaky ass nerd or the fact that I still recognize the power of pheromones. Yes pheromones secreted by women that affect the behavior and physiology of men & now recognizably other women in society. These chemicals are released in abundance through places on the individual where hair is present. These chemicals not only attract the opposite sex but physiologically inspire varying changes in said species. HAIR as harmless and innocent as it seems especially in more private areas is a distribution center for large amounts of pheromones. Thus the constant clean shaving, waxing and other chemical means of removing hair is actually removing a part of yourself that’s linked to opposite sex attraction and biochemical nuances. Research pheromones. We’ll continue and expound on this conversation at another time.