The Nature Of Nature Through Right Knowledge

12/23/202312 min read

This is a repost of an old blog I did while heavy into research into the Nuwaubian Nation headed by D. Malachi Z. York El now incarcerated for 150+ years.

For the initial darkness that is a universal trait in all sources of existence within astrophysics is scientifically referred to as dark matter. This dark matter is accompanied by dark energy so know that these existences existed before suns / stars and continue to exist right now actually holding and sustaining universes together. This in turn allows the rotation of solar systems and sustains all gravitational forces. Know that etheric (ether) energy and particles are intertwined within dark energy and matter. This dark matter is conscious because you are. This is to say that the darkness which refers to dark matter, dark energy, etheric substances lighter than hydrogen or helium, and substances manipulating the atom where involved in creating suns which created planets which humans evolved from. The properties of all life exist within this darkness so it must be conscious. This is why nature is sum type of darkness – a black existence. Suns are representatives of the darkness in solid form – they are all jet black on the surface and give existence to solar systems. The light exerted from the sun at its evolutionary stage is perceived as white by the human eye. If you study nature you will see this evolution for all dead human bodies turn pale in complexion after death has occurred. It is the furthest evolutionary stage from the initial cycle of life. Hence (Caucasian) caucus-Asian refers to the living dead Asian. When you study land climate colors the two most extreme environments are desert very light badge (white sand) and polar regions very light white blue surface (white ice). The lighter the climate the less life is present. Don’t doubt this. Your climates that represent life are dark green and dark brown. Green is plantation and brown is soil. The correlation between life and death forces amongst the races is parallel to the color of life and death regions on earth. Is this a coincidence? Rainbows do not have the color black or white in them because these colors exist in everything. The birth template is blackness which brightens (evolves) past the spectral standard color to become merely brightness perceived as white. Natural light can NEVER be white as that is from the sun, which is black on surface. Since everything came from darkness – dark energy – every color from within the three-dimensional plane can only be an evolutionary stage of the color black based on the human eye. Please acknowledge that the blackness was the first absolute color to ever exist within a three dimensional plane and even at this stage there where and still are different types of light just existing within darkness at different frequencies and speed. The human eye can not perceive many of these black lights. From a religious perspective the (+) good and (-) bad occurred with the introduction of light (which is the sun and solar-plex (inner sun)) it is the nature of the straight haired races to align an existence closer to them as agreeable. Therefore the light becomes the good and the darkness becomes the bad. Remember evolution? The darkness of the universe gave birth to Suns. The same way the darkness of human existence Nubians gave birth to other races. This dark to light cycle is forever NOW. Nubians represent this darkness within the cycle at birth stage and Caucasians represent light within the cycle at death stage. To the reader of this information you should realize that no matter what you believe in be it a seven-day creation, evolution over millions of years or an instant creation of earth. Solids, liquids and gases where present then and still are now, they all exist within absolute nature and dark matter and energy is the existence that holds universes together. The darkness was always there and the black coding of this original existence exists in different facets of reality through color including the surface of the sun and Nubians within the human species.
To say personifications of suns and blackness means sunlight interacting with water, earth and air to produce algae made them. Sunlight gives the Algae consciousness for melanin to react. The Algae over hundreds of thousands of years grew in to reptilians then upgraded to the African pygmy. From the African pygmy evolved Nubuns then Nubians. This is scientifically accepted as the creation process of man on earth and initially occurred in Africa. Now sunlight is the most conscious element in this process bearing energy from the surface of the Sun directly dictated by the SUNS CORE. So now reason that the personality traits of our ancient Nubun races where initially given to them as melanin after the form of sunlight from the actual SUN itself. If the sun of this solar system actually had a human voice it would be speaking in the original Nubun-Tar language because it’s prime expression as to what human species should exist as is defined as the ancient African pygmies. So we hope you overstand the notion of the Tar Deneg as personifications of Suns (True Stars) and Suns originate from collective gases making the BLACKNESS OF NATURE interpreted as PTAH (TAR / S-TAR). This S-TAR (Star) is a black star (Ball) representing the universe (a black ball acknowledged in science today) or an Alpha-Nebula. Blackness is behind all the lights spiritually and scientifically as the surface of the sun is black – hence Shining-TAR – STAR. The concentration of blackness (totality of gases) creates suns. Therefore SUNS of BLACKNESS -> SONS OF PTAH -> SONS OF GOD. The very word NUBUN means ‘before the presence of light’ (cuneiform). GOD said ‘let there be light’ (Genesis 1:3) so GOD existed before light and originates from darkness – as dark as TAR. The original African tribes of earth are Personifications of the Original Creator (Ptah) on earth with a Sun inside them a SOUL.AR PLEX. This blackness is the face of Space, Time and Matter – SMAT. THE VISIBLE ETERNAL CONSTANT OF ABSOULTE NATURE in the third dimension so everything must go through a type of blackness to exist. Revolutionary change enters a culture, society or a race from pinpoints be it an individual mind, group, race or event but survives in our reality through reasoning. The change will usually start from the fringes of the society in question then gradually journey in to mainstream over a period of time. In this journey it will be sculptured in to a form acceptable by the status quo. The quality of the knowledge can regress drastically in this journey. It can regress to a stage that the potency for change once the information is revealed is no longer present. It is reasoning that burns out through this journey. Knowledge needs reasoning to heighten purpose. Knowledge reveals a variety of directions in nature and reasoning is needed to give you the best direction in accordance to your nature. What is known today as black suppression is the dismantling of the relationship between reasoning and knowledge in accordance to your nature. For anyone to live out their belief be it an ism or religion a framework of knowledge must be given in the form of a speech, a book, a person or messages from trusted sources that are taken on by your human senses. Through the study of Noone Science the reader is informed about the origins of reasoning within the isms and religion. In other words the isms most people live for today are descendants of practices classified as alternative religious rites, customs and philosophies in their origination. It’s the spirituality of these original customs that are influencing the minds of the partakers in those isms today and the lineage of this spirituality is Roman, Greek, Phoenician and Hindu NOT Nubun / Tama-re. Though we will now add that some of their concepts are altered versions of teachings giving to them or observed by them within our tama-rean dynastic eras. Now because the Nubun bloodline is of original existence and originated from beings actually from the rivers and lakes of Africa your initial reasoning would be synonymous with nature itself. Nature is firm in what it does naturally – water will not have a day off and stop reacting to heat – the sun won’t have a day off and just stop shining. Since pygmies are from these firm nature forces our Nubun reasoning must have similar attributes namely our genetic composition – the preservation of original existence. The core reasoning of human species is dictated by the SUN because you can not have life without heat – the sun is RE – RE-SUN – REASONING -> RE-ACTION and in the very beginning the ancient Nubun tribes KNEW they came directly from the earths and waters of Africa guided by nature forces (Neteru). This is recorded by the pre-dynastic Egyptians themselves. They overstood that energy from the SUN(S) gave them life – easily witnessed by studying plantation. Therefore this knowledge they gathered from early earth was understood to be given to them by suns also – therefore we call it – RE-SUN – REASON – RE-SUN (SON) – SON of RE making your (BES)T MIND a Son of RE – People of the Sun. Suns exist in darkness (collective gases) and since the Nubun bares blue/black the blue representing the slow darkening from green (plantation). The original creator / opener is recorded as PTAH representing the blackness of nature. What we are stating as the original creation of man on earth is scientifically taught to teenagers in most schools in the western world. However they have purposely extracted reasoning from the data. Africa know that most Nubians in the west by now know the basic scientific information concerning Africa as the origination of man yet REASONING is still not present within their psyche to see through religion and act upon it. When dealing with original existences you are dealing with NATURES REASONING. The PRIME MIND of ABSOLUTE NATURE primarily expressing itself through SUNS and BLACKNESS. The Negroid / Nubian race when ACCEPTING REALITY and ORIGINAL EXISTENCE by nature have the ability BY NATURE to represent the mind and expressions of nature in flesh and blood within this solar system.
Amongst planetary bodies in this solar system, Saturn represents 666, the Moon represents 333 and the Sun represents 999. (Nine to the power of Nine to the power of Nine = infinity (do the maths)). 333 + 666 = 999. They equal 999 only because they originate from the Sun. The moon is a second evolutionary generation planet. It did not come directly from the sun – hence 3. Once atmospheric gases be it carbon, hydrogen or oxygen etc leave an environment it becomes dead – hence the Moon. Saturn being gases rejected by the Sun is an opposing force (-) and takes on the opposite symbol to 9 which is 6 – but it is NOT the equivalent to the Sun as 9 is the highest in rank. Now 6 to the power of six to the power of six is limited, 3 to the power of three to the power of three is limited but 9 to the power of 9 to the power of 9 is Infinite. 9 is the highest ranking of number within the original sequence as 10 is a another tier sequence 1 and 0. Suns are the highest ranking abodes in universes so people who are most adaptable to the Sun are closer to the lineage of nine ether – original universal creation forces – the governing forces of universes. It is the woolly hair that curls into the 9 in shape signifying your universal positioning. Now take in the rationale – the gas particles that created the Sun represent life forces still today since they help vitalise living organisms. Gas particles rejected by the Sun can not be in tune with the existence of living organisms on earth. Therefore, amongst planetary bodies in this solar system the Sun represents 9 Ether (conscience pro-life forces) that preserve the continuation of existence. Saturn in this solar system represents 6 ether (anti-nature gases) since it was caste out of the sun. The moon with no atmospheric gases represents death amongst the celestial bodies. On earlier extracts, we have mentioned the Moon is tied to 6 ether. This still applies, as the journey to death is evolution from nature to anti-nature, which decays to death. This is a very rough abbreviation on the subject we strongly recommend that to overtsand these issues you should search out literature by Ammunubi Rahkaptah namely The Nine Ball Series. These books were written in the late 1960’s and may be hard to find but they are out there – search them out. Nubians have to understand what you have just read is from the basic creation of planets which you have been taught at school as a child – but they do not teach you that if the sun is a predominate gas ball which spits out a gas ball (Saturn) the composition of Saturn must be negative to the Sun. If you don’t like the taste of something you spit it out. This is simple science. There is a reason for not teaching Saturn’s influence on nature – it is because Saturn and the Moon are tied to certain belief systems still practised today. Historically the Romans and the Greeks acknowledged Saturn as an existing force and their decedents still do today subtly. The Romans in particular associated Saturn with agriculture. They acknowledged Saturn as the God of Agriculture. This is because Saturn as stated helped warp the eco-system adding evolutionary forces (decay) – anti-nature. With this rationale, the Romans did just that – they destroyed nature – lands, people and cultures. Their descendants as a collective still take on this rationale today. Those with straight hair govern these belief systems and many still today have aligned their very nature with Saturn and the Moon. These groups took on the celestial nature of Saturn via evolution. In other words since Saturn scientifically is anti-nature in gas form. These groups aligned their nature with this planet because the Sun via nature is genetically against the Caucasian the most amongst the races. Saturday is their tribute to Saturn it is on the 6th day of the week and correlates to Saturn the 6th planet.
Question: Black this, black that – IT ALL MEANS NOTHING. If we were so intelligent we would be far more industrially developed right now right?
Ans: YOU NEED NATURE KNOWLEDGE ! Everything is governed in cycles. The Nubian race has just finished a universal death cycle in our existence a winter season [symbolized by light-white-right] and now WRITE as well. Write is included because it is religious literature and the European languages (especially English) that have completely DEVALUED what black is in almost every facet of existence. For the Nubian race to obey this reasoning has given our race a death mind state – our winter season in existence. We rejected facts for belief. We have become more concerned with spiritual forces aiding our personal existence instead of our race as a collective within nature. All this is a type of evolution – a regression. Therefore by Nature opposing forces of higher evolutionary compositions began to prosper in accordance to their nature. This was generally through stages of industrialization but industrialization can only commence once the original intentions of nature are dis-respected. This disrespect includes all facets of reality including land, sea, culture and darker races. Try to understand this Nubian. If the black races where reasoning to the highest of human ability the society that we would create WOULD NOT be like western society today. The Nubun Egyptians knew the formulas to make concrete but they were nature thinkers and builders. They would not put their own image all over the environment blocking the earth from breathing and sun rays from reaching it. The Caucasian believes that if another race where given control of the worlds resources they would create a reality just like it is today. However every race has a different nature and would not create this type of reality. When talking about the destruction of the environment you could trace most of the destruction back to multi-national companies last century with over 90% governed by western Caucasians – FACT. Are the environmentalist ready to deal with this faction seriously? Are they serious about changing the world – to do that you would have to dismantle Greek and Roman philosophy which governed European economic and capitalistic strategies through industrialization in recent centuries. These originate further back to the ways of the Phoenician Egyptian and Hindu. Are they ready to address the true origins of liberalism? Are they ready to address the true origins of the nature of capitalism? Are they really ready to change major sections of the English language? These issues all play a role in why the world is as it is today! In essence they will be very reluctant do this because it would fundamentally change reasoning within the Caucasian race. Within the last 500 years the Caucasian race through industrialization has executed more damage to the ecosystem than all other races combined in the last 20,000 years – FACT. When we say the Caucasian represents REAL evolutionary forces in nature please don’t think it’s just a radical statement. This is reality whether you like it or not and evolution is the journey to death. Witnessed and lived throughout your very own physical life. Evolution and revolution must play a role in the cycles of life itself. To be civilized at its peak is to understand the elements, processes and cycles of nature in relation to human existence. To reject this notion is to reject the forces that contribute to your very own existence. The common man’s notion of civilization is pro-evolutionary industrialization.
This unconscious mind or ancestral memory is always unconscious in each individual. On the other hand it is always conscious in the 24 Elders, who are the conscious mind of the Nation, or the custodians of eternal consciousness. But it is always unconscious in individuals. It was unconscious when it entered the individual’s mind at conception, and remains unconscious until it is kindled by rituals of initiation. Now, it so happens that there are seven individuals who were born on earth with their ancestral memory being conscious from conception. These individuals, when they are born, are said to have had an immaculate conception, or a virgin birth. The gift of ancestral memory, also called the mind of God, comes directly from the 24 Elders. When every individual is born on earth, the Elders send this incarnation or mind of God into that person by “detaching” it from themselves. When the Elders send the incarnation into a newly conceived baby without “detaching” it from themselves, then that ancestral memory becomes conscious in that individual, who is then united with the Elders. The person spontaneously becomes aware of it as soon as he reaches puberty