The Real Important Money Matters Financial Conversation

12/23/20231 min read

With all the street talk and perpetual propaganda regarding money, finances and most folks problems dealing with everyday personal economics you would think we’d come to a common conclusion by now: WE NEED ECONOMICS EDUCATION LIKE YESTERDAY. In talking to everyday people about money, a few basic things are recognized right off top. One: everybody has some form of financial situation that could be better. Two: nobody is willing to really discuss their financial ordeals or the circumstances surrounding them. It’s like now money can only be celebrated superficially among the current generation operating in this ballers and stunnas paradigm. Lastly, nobody is really willing to be the one to step outside of what’s become conventional thinking especially among our people. Those of the diaspora from American African decent. We’ve grown so accustomed to generational poverty that we’ve developed Stockholm Syndrome sort of affection for existing under economically impossible circumstances. It’s now a ‘rights of passage’ to embrace the hood and all of its dysfunctions especially the economic ones. Nobody is concerned with their credit because we are not educated on such and it’s not in our average social conversations. We are in 2020 still stuck in a remedial slump thinking that everything financial is about actual cash money. Other folks are purchasing things to improve their lives like houses, vehicles, loans, education and other investments, while we remain completely oblivious to our credit’s importance or significance over our lives and livelihood. We need real estate certifications, tax code information, stocks, bonds, annuities and trust developing for estate planning. It’s time to change the economic conversations among young and old in our communities. It’s time to not only embrace this point in history where we have so many young successful entrepreneurs and entertainers, but educate not only them but the rest of us on the nuances of building and transferring perpetual wealth from generation to generation.