The So-Called Black Family Structure

12/23/20231 min read

I wrote this blog asa Facebook post in 2012 yet it’s STILL just as relevant today.

(SO-CALLED BLACK FAMILY STRUCTURE) After a lengthy discussion about the article on the 30 year old father of 33 children by 11 women it was realized that we as a community need to come to a precise definition & re-educated black men on what actually defines manhood. Manhood is NOT defined by the size of our dicks nor amount of unwed women we can irresponsibly impregnate & leave at the mercy of society. It’s 2012 & still way more than HALF of the births in the black community are to unwed single mothers with a slim possibility of becoming wives & greater one of conceiving her family never being a wife only a ‘baby mama’. This is a sad commentary on our men as we play a huge role in the victimizing of our women & children. Children don’t listen to what we ‘say’ they emulate what we ‘DO’ so the cycle continues repetitively growing more out of control with each additional generation. Black men it’s time to love ourselves enough to love our women more & create the premise for a true family structure of developing sound healthy serious relationships before producing children. Let’s teach our sons & daughters that it’s IMPORTANT to structure our families on a solid foundation. Black women also need to raise their standards on the type of brothers you reproduce with. If that brothers not intelligent & willing to make you his WIFE then don’t create another LIFE with him. Also ‘BREED FOR BRAINS NOT LOOKS’ as we have a whole generation & community of dysfunctional ‘cute & fine’ folks with nothing going on to contribute intellectually to the world. They say ‘if ya KNEW better you’d DO better’.. Well now you ‘KNOW’ better so ‘SHOW’ the world better! (MESSAGE TO THE SO-CALLED BLACK FAMILY)