The Stimulus Checkmate

12/23/20231 min read

Since when did bragging about receiving less than $2k from the government become something to hold as a Medal of Honor? That stimulus check of $1200-$2400 is one to two months rent/mortgage or a small bill paid several times not including groceries, gas & other daily expenses. Realizing that many need it especially at this difficult time I understand the excitement of getting some so-called (free) money to ease the financial strain. But what good is additional money if all you do is consume recreationally spending it frivolous with nothing substantial to show or help assist you in the long run? And in some cases the things you buy are hurting more than helping you. Investing a mere couple hundred dollars in the right direction goes a long way credit wise & economically. Pay your bills reduce your debt then invest in some of the companies you utilize daily. Just a thought🤔 now have a more productive day ✌🏾